About Us

When I eventually close my own freestanding clinic I will be more forthright about my identity but right now I’m running several “Shotshows” in my area and that would create seriously bad press suggesting that I am a mercenary vet just out for a profit, with a probable alcohol problem preventing me from holding a stable job. But the simple fact is that I’m double dipping. I am running a freestanding clinic at a sensible price that pays salaries and uses top notch vaccine, and setting up random card tables for the spendthrifts on the side.

That said, I’m just a vet with a strong drive for profit. A Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde if you will. The vet that I tend to be at my standalone clinic is interested, challenged, still learning. I enjoy surgery and preventative health care at a reasonable price.

But my “Mr. Hyde” sees the profit of a five minute annual visit with the owner holding the pet, and no real exam. That client isn’t even the client for my regular price clinic. They are a special breed of people who care enough to vaccinate but not enough to choose wisely.

It is for these clients and the veterinarians who would capitalize on this crowd that this site is designed and as such, you can see why it is carefully password protected. If the public had any idea what’s going on in Shotshows (or actually cared) they would probably stop coming.

Enjoy, keep this all under your hat and consider buying my e-book.

Doctor N Rivera.