Rabies Tags and Records.

Rabies tags going back to an unattended number isn’t discovered by your feedstore client until you’re long gone.
Shot records should be supplied at the time of service, in a printed format, past that, call-in clients can wait until your wife or after-schooler calls them back to send faxed records.

It’s a Rabies tag. That’s all they notice.

The biggest headache of a shot show is rabies tags and records. Customers often vaccinate their animals simply that they may go get groomed. In most instances it is not a genuine concern about the pet actually contracting a preventable disease. There have not been any disease epidemics since the mid-70s, most people do not remember the deaths associated with Parvo when it first came out, and in affluent neighborhoods where most animals are vaccinated these disease comparatively rare. Another reason you may be faced with a customer seeking vaccinations is for boarding. Again, not necessarily a concern about contracting rabies or Kennel Cough, but current immunizations are often required at most boarding facilities. When you provide vaccination services to the client for either of these reasons, they will need a record of the vaccinations and the date they were administered. These must be provided in print on paper to each customer at the time services are rendered. You do not want to have to provide these records by facsimile or email later. That is very time-consuming. When you hold a shot show, you make no guarantees or representations about how quickly the shot records will be available at a subsequent date. In other words, they will take what they can get, in the final analysis: what do you expect for 60 bucks?

Your rabies tags will have your 1-800 number and the name of your shot show, but no address. That is because you will be conducting your shot shows from various locations and it is better if you cannot be tracked down after the fact. For the address of your business, you may use a maildrop address. Please see the article on using Mail drops for your business.  “…a person running a mobile business may not wish to disclose his or her actual address.”

On behalf of shot shows across the country, organizers and operators hope that standalone clinics will remain ineffective at counter education of clients on the importance of immediate availability of pet identification and records.

Most of your shot-show clients are myopically focused on the price, and will never even ask themselves about records later, until it is too late and you have already broken down your tents and left town.

  • DrNickRivera
  • Dr. Nick runs a full service veterinary clinic in Encinitas, California and holds several shot shows in the surrounding counties. (But not his own city!) Dr. Nick is a pioneer in shot-show promotion and was among the first to use 1/2 dose antigen split between two patients to increase profitability.