The Book “Shot Shows” The Easiest Money Ever!

“Veterinary Shot Shows, The Easiest Money, Ever!”  is a document that guides veterinarians looking for the easiest money in the profession to the operation of a successful low cost shot clinic. Pitfalls like hurting their own businesses, appearing unethical and how to upsell the easiest and most profitable services to indiscriminate clients are highlights of the book. By the time you are done reading, you will know how to avoid spending too much time on lower-profit items, how to deflect time consuming blood and fecal testing, how to defuse clients who somehow think that we’re here to diagnose skin and gastrointestinal issues while vaccinating as many pets as physically possible before the city arrives demanding our business licenses.

The book draws heavily on the lessons taught by the American Animal Hospital Association, and Dr Marty Becker who both have, for years, taught veterinarians how to upsell, increase spending, entice clients and drive profits in practice. “Strategic Invoicing” which educates on average invoice and highest possible YTD spending are illuminated. Other enticements and “programs” (okay, fine, gimmicks) such as rewards programs, bandanas around pets necks, direct mail, email harvest and loss leaders are introduced. All to break that expectation that some clients may have about their regular veterinarians experience, expertise, familiarity with their pet and the quality of the vaccines used.

The death knell for a successful local low cost shotshow are a regular veterinarians’ quality vaccines, expertise, familiarity with a pet, and experience. Shotshows are necessarily ‘random’ as far as immunization recommendations and the patients are also dark horses because you’re not coming from a detailed medical history. Fortunately, the client we’re going to show you how to cultivate, isn’t aware or concerned about these issues.

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Dr. Nick