Getting Vets To Run Your Shot-Shows

The kinds of veterinarians that staff of those tables. Finding associates to run your shot show. Retired and semi retired veterinarians have very little remaining accountability in the industry. Occasionally you meet one that could be enticed for cash to come out and spend a couple of hours on there Saturday morning to administer shots to dogs and cats they don’t even have to examine. Very often, the owner holds their own pet. This has two benefits. When you hire a vet to operate your shot show table, they are “off the books” and don”t have withholding, benefits, nor a W-2 and when the owners hold their own animals, you save the cost of a veterinary technician.

Another resource in that regard is to look at the state licensing board and find veterinarians who’s licenses have been in trouble and two are possibly compromised as far as holding regular positions in brick and mortar clinics. Alcoholics and other veterinarians who are unable to hold a 9 to 5 x 40 hour a week job are also excellent candidates, and can typically hold it together long enough to run your shot show for cash. Keep in mind if they were still in practice to improve the lives of animals and challenge themselves diagnostically and surgically, they would still be doing that, so you have these veterinarians at a disadvantage and can get them to staff your table.

Standing behind a card table in a pet store is no veterinarians dream job, typically it is not something they do by choice and not what they went to school to do. Finding these  veterinarians is as easy as visiting other shot shows. Most of these career shot show veterinarians have a financially motivated nature and would stand behind anyone’s card table.

Another resource for veterinarians to stand behind your card table at your shot show would be the local listing of relief veterinarians.

In fairness, some of the best veterinarians I have ever met were relief veterinarians, and it’s a minority of these who can’t get regular jobs.

Being a relief vet offers a considerable amount of freedom as far as spare time. However, the ranks of relief veterinarians can also contain  a few veterinarians who for whatever reason as alcoholism, lack of a DEA number, inability to show up for work on time, etc. are not holding jobs in brick and mortar clinics. Canvassing these lists for veterinarians that would run your shot show is often rewarding.

If all else fails, you can hire Eastern European veterinarians. A lot of veterinarians in eastern bloc (USSR) countries were displaced by the Berlin Wall coming down. They fled to America for better lives but they can’t get licensure here just because they were vets in Russia. They do not possess American licenses but a legal loophole allows them to function in a veterinary capacity as long as an American veterinarian stakes their license on the associate / underling Vet. (They are allowed to do spays, shots, etc.) and our research has revealed that customers never ask whether a veterinarian is licensed or not. It is assumed.

  • DrNickRivera
  • Dr. Nick runs a full service veterinary clinic in Encinitas, California and holds several shot shows in the surrounding counties. (But not his own city!) Dr. Nick is a pioneer in shot-show promotion and was among the first to use 1/2 dose antigen split between two patients to increase profitability.