Where To Have Your Shotshow?

Getting into different places to hold your shot show is as easy as calling it a “fundraiser” for the business or location. They will even rally their entire church or client base to come and get cheap shots.

The most profitable place to have have your shot show, are places where large numbers of people who have pets will gather together. Finding a place where people gather together to save money, such as feed stores is an ideal environment to advertise your shot show. People buying kitten dewormer over the counter at a feedstore are instantly attracted to “low-cost spay neuter” and “vaccination clinics”. People buying veterinary items at a feed store are already earmarked as cost conscious and ‘do it yourselfers’ and are your ideal client.

Pet shops also have a decent sized client base of cost-conscious consumers who will respond favorably to your offering of a low-cost shot clinic. Even the customer is typically resistant to the idea of low-cost healthcare for a beloved pet can be swayed by words like affordable, and “stop over paying for regular healthcare.

A relatively recent development in the marketing of low-cost shot shows has been recruiting other organizations and selling the idea as a fundraiser. I have seen churches and real estate office is offering a low-cost shot shows, and putting their often considerable marketing resources behind it. Attendance to these can be high. That avenue should not be overlooked. However, in more affluent areas you may end up with a smaller than desired crowd.

Most venues will host those, for a percentage of the take on the shot-show.

  • DrNickRivera
  • Dr. Nick runs a full service veterinary clinic in Encinitas, California and holds several shot shows in the surrounding counties. (But not his own city!) Dr. Nick is a pioneer in shot-show promotion and was among the first to use 1/2 dose antigen split between two patients to increase profitability.