Your Licenses Running a Shot-Show?

What about my license? What about a business license, or being licensed to practice in the state I have set up my shot show?

You will be gratified to know that enforcement is almost nil regarding these issues. While it’s true that your license is the most important thing to protect, however, if local authorities challenge the validity of your business license to be in that area, resolution usually involves an apology and breaking down your shot show until or unless you decide to get a permit / license for your card table. Professional and legal legal liability is minimal even in that vanishingly rare instance where someone even asks.

Typically if you have a van with flashy graphics and you set up with confidence like you’re supposed to be there, no one challenges your legitimacy. After all, you’re a veterinarian with 8 years of college, and with a license and all that education, who has wound up driving a van with the sole purpose of vaccinating dogs in pet shops for a shot show business owner.


  • DrNickRivera
  • Dr. Nick runs a full service veterinary clinic in Encinitas, California and holds several shot shows in the surrounding counties. (But not his own city!) Dr. Nick is a pioneer in shot-show promotion and was among the first to use 1/2 dose antigen split between two patients to increase profitability.