Dr. Nick runs a full service veterinary clinic in Encinitas, California and holds several shot shows in the surrounding counties. (But not his own city!) Dr. Nick is a pioneer in shot-show promotion and was among the first to use 1/2 dose antigen split between two patients to increase profitability.
Successful Shot Show Manual Shotshow Practices & Advice

Successful Shot Show Manual

In "SHOTSHOWS - The Easiest Money Ever", author Dr Rivera discusses the "ins and outs" of running a low cost pet shot clinic. How to identify and capture a frugal but ignorant client base, the advertising and signage needed to entice the cost conscious client. How to break a strong client-veterinari[…]
Why Tests Are Your Profit-Killers Shotshow Practices & Advice

Why Tests Are Your Profit-Killers

Tests take time, and have a cost to run them. Collecting samples takes time and usually involves a technician which eats into profits. Further, you have to call people back with the test results or have them wait for results. Then they have a bunch of questions which you'll answer with "You need to […]
Why Clients Go To Shotshows? The Market(ing)

Why Clients Go To Shotshows?

Clients go to shot shows because they want to save money and they believe that all veterinarians, and all vaccines are the same. They don't really care if the veterinarian has a good bedside manner and that's a good thing for us, running our low cost clinics. They also believe that all vaccines are […]
Why We Run Low Cost Shotshows The Business Model

Why We Run Low Cost Shotshows

Why we run shot shows The fundamental question which is why we run shot shows is simple: Immunizations represent the most minimal investment of time for the highest return on investment, this is especially true if the operator of the shot show chooses the very least expensive vaccine available to th[…]
Shot Reactions & Other Issues The Pitfalls

Shot Reactions & Other Issues

A huge advantage of running a quick shot low cost shot clinic on a Saturday is not having to manage shot reactions. This is because your shot show has been broken down and loaded in the back of the truck by the time a dog has a reaction. It's hard to track a mobile veterinarian when they're not even[…]
Cold Vaccines and Sterility Shotshow Practices & Advice

Cold Vaccines and Sterility

Don't let the customers see the booze when unpacking your vaccine. Keeping vaccine cold can be difficult and you should try to reflect professionalism in the coolers that you trundle around, stainless steel coolers are available here however, most clients using shot shows are not discriminating in t[…]
Rabies Tags and Records. Shotshow Practices & Advice

Rabies Tags and Records.

Rabies tags going back to an unattended number isn't discovered by your feedstore client until you're long gone. Shot records should be supplied at the time of service, in a printed format, past that, call-in clients can wait until your wife or after-schooler calls them back to send faxed records. I[…]
3 Year Immunizers and Your Shotshow Shotshow Practices & Advice

3 Year Immunizers and Your Shotshow

Finding a retired vet to run your Shotshow is pretty easy. It doesn't have to be YOU behind the card table. Here, an owner hold s the animal for shots, saving the operator a bundle on technical handlers. What to do about three-year immunizers. Since there are no three-year immunizations manufactured[…]
Shot-Show Decor & Set Up Shotshow Practices & Advice

Shot-Show Decor & Set Up

Special section on the appearance of your card table: This author believes that it is imperative to cover the almost-certainly-folding-table that you will be using for your shot show. A cloth banquet table drape is highly effective and can even be personalized with the name of your shot show. Under […]
Random Pets Get Random Shots? Shotshow Practices & Advice

Random Pets Get Random Shots?

What about immunizing an animal that possibly should not be immunized for example a prior auto immune experience, or some other debilitating condition? There are a few two things to consider, first, you were not called upon to diagnose it disease or disorder. Second, you are not forcing the clients […]